Services Provided


  • Specialist assessment to establish a personalised plan
  • One-to-one support and guidance, within your home environment
  • Tailored rehabilitation for short or long-term, working towards specific functional goals
  • Individualised home exercise programmes and advice
  • Appropriate treatment techniques to relieve pain, or restore function using evidence based practice.
  • Links and information to other relevant services in the area to maximise potential

The service caters for your individual needs, to complement those already available in the community to aim towards the best possible outcome for you.

Why consider using the home physiotherapy service?

  • Continue rehabilitation after hospital stay  Too often people receive rehabilitation in hospital but then have long waits when they get home, if it’s available at all.  While patients wait their recovery is halted and can reverse – causing lasting disability, distress and deterioration of health.
  • Maximise independence. To maximise independence and reduce disability, a patient’s rehab needs to continue from hospital to home, be easy to refer back into and rooted in the community
  • Ageing Well  We want to assist people to improve or maintain quality of life. 
  • Reducing pain A variety of treatment techniques and expertise available to apply to help with chronic or acute pain
  • Preventing bone loss and fracture
  • Improving joint stability, functional ability, muscle strength and endurance, and aerobic capacity 

Available for appointments in your own home, avoiding long waiting lists at a time that suits you.

Tel: 07904414325